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This is my final post on this blog. This blog gotten to be more of a burden than enjoying finding God through scripture and putting my own thoughts on it. So I have decided to end it. But if you would like to read more of my work, check out my other blog here. You can click on the page that says ‘Christian’ and that has a link to all the other Christian works I have done on that blog. May God bless you.

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Faith that Works

“Christians have often disputed as to whether what leads the Christian home is good actions, or faith in Christ … it does seem to me like asking which blade in a pair of scissors is most necessary.”

-C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

God’s grace is a gift of cleansing us from our time on this earth and it unlocks the gate to heaven. Our faith in God allows us to open that unlocked gate. Where do our works play in? These are three ideas that connect with each other that sometimes confuse people and will the main topic today. Grace, faith, and works.

Before we understand the connection with works, we must first understand the relationship between grace and faith. Our faith gets us into heaven, but God’s grace lets us in. Faith is on our part, grace is on His part. God’s grace is giving us (the completely undeserving ones) His love and forgiveness. Ephesians 2:8 says, “ For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God”. Even though grace is a gift from God some people feel as if they can repay God for the gift, they feel as if their works can help get them into heaven.

Chiara Cremaschi / Foter / CC BY-ND

Chiara Cremaschi / Foter / CC BY-ND

Lets say Sally gave Beth a new necklace as a gift. Beth opens the box and thanks Sally then reaches into her purse to get her wallet and says, “How much do I owe you?” Sally thinks Beth is kidding and says, “It’s a gift. You don’t need to repay me.” Beth says, “Oh, I understand. Could I write you a check?” Sally is stunned. “I don’t want your money. I want you to accept the gift.” Beth says, “Oh, I see. Could I clean your house in exchange for the necklace?” Sally is mad by this time and says firmly, “Don’t you get it? It’s a present. I want to give it to you. You can’t buy a present.” Beth a little ashamed says, “Forgive me. Could I buy you a necklace in return?” In trying to buy Sally’s gift Beth degraded Sally’s grace. Beth robbed Sally of the joy of giving.

God’s grace is a gift. We feel as if we – His creation – could repay Him with our works, we feel as if we could buy His grace. God loves a cheerful giver because He is a cheerful giver. When we feel like we can work off His gift to us, we rob Him of the joy of giving. Now does this mean we should do no works for God?

We should not do works so that we can earn our salvation. In trying to repay God, we belittle Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. It is like in one of those action movies where the bad guy is going to shoot and kill someone but then the good guy jumps in front of the bullet to save the person. But then the person who the good guy just saved, instead of thanking him the person say, ‘Why did you do that? I could have taken it.’ When the good guy knows that the person would have been killed. Instead of being over joyed at the heroic act of the good guy, the person infuriates him and diminishes his noble deed. Jesus took the bullet meant for us, and He knows we wouldn’t have survived.

The motive for our works is what matters. Our motive should not be to earn our way into heaven. Our motive should be because we love God and we want to follow His commands.

Foter / CC BY-SA

Foter / CC BY-SA

Let’s say a new restaurant opened in your town. You go and try it out and it has the best food you have ever tried, and for a really cheap price. The workers are nice and the atmosphere is great. You would tell everyone, right? I know my mom would tell all her friends, family, co-workers, customers, everyone. And that is just a worldly place that sells good food. We have found Heaven. We are to share God because of how good He is, if nothing else. God has given His grace to everyone, it is through our works we can allow them to accept His gift through faith. Grace unlocks the door to heaven. Our faith opens the door. Our works lets us bring as many people through the door as we can.

Our works are an outward sign of our faith. By our works others can see what Christianity is about. In Matthew 7:16-20 Jesus talks about how our works (our fruit) is how the world will recognize us. You can have faith as big as a mountain, but without works, you would only get yourself into heaven. To say it plainly, what a waste you would be.

In John 10:37 Jesus says, “Do not believe me unless I do the works of my Father.” Works are not only show to others who we are, but they also test our faith. If a person only believe in God as a way to get into heaven, then the person will not do the works of God and the person will be shown for who he really is. We are not only to have faith in God, but to love Him with everything we have and do.

Matthew 22:36-40 says, “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” The reason why we should do works for God is because we love Him; not because we owe Him or to earn our salvation. When we love our neighbors as ourselves then we are loving our Lord. 

Our works do not have to be big, but random acts of kindness goes a long ways. Helping an elderly woman put groceries in her car. Leaving a note for the garbage man saying God loves you. Being patient with a family member after a long day. Taking time and listening to a hurting coworker. Telling a mother that her kids are well behaved. These are just a few ways to love our Lord by loving our neighbors.

God has given us grace, we have faith in Him, but most importantly we love Him and we should do His works. I challenge you to do one random act of kindness each day and you will see that you are happier and you will love the Lord more.

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Seeking Who God Is

This past Sunday at my church a talented young girl, Nicole Faith Nelson, preached her 6th sermon! She’s only 15, and going to be a sophomore in high school, and has some very potent words of wisdom!  She speaks about how we are to seek God in His creation, in scripture, and in His people. She also makes a point that we are not to look for God, but to actively seek Him. She makes some enlightening points about who God is. God has not only laid a message on her heart, but equipped her with the gifts to share the message. Below is her sermon, enjoy!


I Stand Amazed

The most powerful song I ever heard is ‘I Stand Amazed’ by Dennis Jerigan, (not to be confused with the hymn). I found a video, but not as good as my church’s worship service. Our worship leader has the perfect voice for the song, and on his face he shows how in awe he is of God. The worship leader at Tri-County Christian Church, always plays the song last during morning worship and the congregation is all sitting down. The thing I love about the song is chorus. Look at the lyrics below:

Verse 1:
I see the stars that You have made
I know You call them each by name

To think Father God who heaven displays
Is thinking of me in intimate ways

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story I stand amazed

Verse 2:
I see the nails piercing Your skin
My wicked heart driving them in

I see the spear piercing Your side
And I see the lamb for me crucified

(Chorus x2)

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of your glory
That you would die for me I stand amazed

I stand amazed in all of Your glory
True love’s sweetest story (you are love) I stand amazed

So, in the middle of the song, random people of the congregation start to stand up. It’s like they’re standing up for Jesus. It’s just wave after wave of people are showing their love and passion for Christ. Tears start rolling down my cheeks because I in vision MY  wicked heart driving in the nails. I see MYSELF piercing the spear to his side. I stand amazed.

God’s love for me, IS true love’s sweetest story. It’s the ultimate Disney love story. Except this love is for everyone on earth. Everyone has the ability to have their true love. It’s not just in fairy tales between the handsome prince and the beautiful princess. It’s right here. Just a instant message away called Prayer.

I look around my church and almost everyone is in this moment of . . . standing amazed. There are tears, there are lips quivering, there are looks of repentance. God is causing all these different emotion, stirring inside my church family. All the voices mix together and create a sound of beauty. So full of passion and awe at Jesus Christ.

Then the song ends, and the worship leader say we may be seated. And some people don’t want to because they want to have that connection with God again. This utter need and want to have a powerful relationship with God.

If you want a awesome experience with God and a real community feel, please visit Tri-County Church. Comment below and I will get the information to you!

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God Is Fighting For You

God is fighting for you. He is fighting for your life. He is always in a constant battle between something that is more than good verses evil. He is fighting for where you will spend your eternity.

God cares for you, personally, deeply. He’s not going to let you go unnoticed because He has billions of others to care about. No! God is omnipotent, meaning able to do all things. God won’t let you go because you made a mistake or a bunch of mistakes. That is why His son died for us. We are forgiven because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.

Think about how diverse this world of ours is. How many living things are on this planet. Not just humans or animals, but plants and bacteria. Then think how many species there are in each kingdom of life. God loves the different perspectives his children have, that’s a reason why He created so many different and unique things. God loves you for who you are and He wants to embrace you just like in the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:3-7.

US Department of Education / Foter / CC BY

US Department of Education / Foter / CC BY

Think of this life as a math problem to solve and you have a classroom full of thirty seventh graders trying to solve it (that’s us). And the kids all try to solve it different ways, but the kids just don’t have enough knowledge to solve it. But then the students start asking the teacher for help and the teacher is God. The teacher guides the kids through the problem and gives them a reward once they solve it together. In a normal classroom the reward would be candy, but this reward is heaven.

But there is some children who refuse to ask for help. They want control of solving this ‘life problem’ and don’t need the ‘teacher’. So the ‘teacher’ sends a child who has already asked God for help and tries to guide the refusing child to the answer. And sometimes they accept and sometimes they don’t.

God is fighting for that one child – who is refusing to ask for help, refusing to accept God’s gift – out of a room full of twenty-nine others who already know the answer.

Exodus 14:14 illustrates this idea perfectly, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Sometimes we feel that if we run, run, run then we can fix our life all on our own. One of the hardest parts of giving your life over to God is being humble enough to say that you can’t fix this alone and letting God have control. If you give almost everything over to God but keep just a few for you control, the things you keep become so hard to bare. You can’t run, run, run, and let God have control. Be still and let God take control.

You need to let God take hold of your life and guide you.

God is right there beside you, you just need to let him in.

A lot of times we miss the workings of God. We think God will do this huge miraculous act to tell us that He is here, but God works in the small things.

Here’s a joke to show our ability to not see God working around us:

 Foter / CC BY-SA

Foter / CC BY-SA

“In the wake of a bad storm, a small town experiences major flooding and the townspeople are evacuated. One man, however, instead of leaving, climbs onto the roof of his house, sits down, and waits. After a few minutes, a neighbor comes by on his boat and urges the man to climb on and escape to safety.

“No thank you,” the man says. “God will save me.”

So the neighbor sails away. Time passes and the flood waters rise. A rescue boat soon notices the man on his roof and immediately speeds towards him. The rescue worker orders the man into the boat.

“No thank you,” the man says. “God will save me.”

After a few more efforts to convince the man to leave with him, the rescue worker leaves to search for other flood victims. More time passes and the water rises so high that the man is forced to stand up. Just then, a helicopter appears over head and a man with a megaphone informs the man on the roof that they are sending someone down on a rope to rescue him.

“No thank you,” the man shouts to the helicopter. “God will save me.”

Unable to persuade him to accept their help, the helicopter leaves. It takes only a few more minutes for the water to rise above the man’s head. He is soon swept away in the flood waters and drowns.

When he gets to heaven, he sees God and asks him, “What happened?! Why didn’t You save me?!”

The Lord replies, “What do you mean? I sent you two boats and a helicopter.””

Sometimes we can get so set in our heads on the exact way we think God is going to act in our lives that we miss the work He is actually doing. We usually have a nice idea in mind for how we want things to work and if things are not going according to plan, then we get confused and wonder where God is. Then we seek other things that might help us find Him, but in turn become like a lost sheep again. But during this whole time, God is fighting for you. Fighting for you to come to Him and ask for help.

If you have not asked God into your heart and want to let him lead you, then I invite you to do so. Romans 10:9 says, “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

But to go farther with this, I believe there are many Christians who don’t let God take control of their lives. Back in January, I re-dedicated my life to Christ, after first becoming a Christian at a young age. Before I re-dedicated my life, I was a Christian, and that was just a fact; maybe that was all. I believe that it changed my outlook on life and willingness to let God lead. So I invite you to go further in your faith and re-dedicate your life to Christ and let God lead. Don’t just let the name Christian be a name of many you call yourself, but a walk of life with God leading you.


Trust Without Borders

One day I was listening to Christian music while doing some other work, when I heard this phrase that made me stop what I was doing and really listen to what the words were saying. The phrase was ‘trust without borders’ in the song Oceans (Where my Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. 

Trust. It’s something that is broken so easily and almost impossible to get back. And that’s between humans! But Psalms 9:10 says, ‘Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.’ God doesn’t break promises. God doesn’t lie. But God might have other plans than you would like.

We don’t see what God sees, we don’t know what he knows; therefore we shouldn’t tell God how to do something or when to. Proverbs 3:5-6 says it well, ‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.’

 Art4TheGlryOfGod / Foter / CC BY-ND

Art4TheGlryOfGod / Foter / CC BY-ND

An illustration that my pastor uses a lot is a tapestry. The front is beautiful piece of artwork that depicts life and scenery of this world. The back is a mess of knots and strings. This tapestry represents our understanding. The underside or mess is what we see of this world and it’s sufferings. But God sees the front and how it all plays together, and how beautiful it is. When we get to heaven, we’ll see the front and understand everything. This is why we should trust in God because He sees the front side.

But trusting in God is just so hard because we can’t see Him, can’t read His body language, if He truly means what he says. Everyday we trust in man made things but how much better it is to trust in perfection, David says it like this in Psalms 20:7, ‘Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.’ MICHAELFIRKINS says it best in today’s world in his post, Honda Civic + Mattress on the Highway = Glorious Miracle in the Making

Some people say that it’s hard to have faith. I don’t know about that. Most people have faith drooling out of their nose and ears. I mean, not necessarily faith in Jesus or anything like that, but take for instance these guys I saw one time that were getting onto the acceleration ramp to the highway. They were in a 1995 Honda Civic and were transporting a twin sized mattress on their roof. It wasn’t strapped down or anything, each guy had an arm sticking out his window holding the mattress tightly as they turned to get onto the highway. If Jesus had been with me He probably would have turned to me and said, “I haven’t seen faith like this in all of Israel.”

Those dudes were expecting a miracle…

People are really like that when it comes down to it. Sometimes we have faith in some crazy stuff, but we all seem to have it. I want to have the kind of crazy, bold faith that those dudes with the mattress had. I want to have a crazy kind of faith that makes a man say to himself, “You know what, I’ve got a Honda Civic, I have a stout arm, and I deserve a good night’s sleep tonight. I’m gonna make some magic happen today! While I’m at it, why waste my time taking the back roads? Let’s do this in style…on the freeway!””

It’s been ingrained in our lives to let people earn our trust. And it’s hard to do that with God. You seem to need to get to know Him more to trust Him, but you want to make sure that you can trust Him before you get to know Him.

Charlotte90T / Foter / CC BY-ND

Charlotte90T / Foter / CC BY-ND

And that’s why the phrase ‘trust without borders’ stuck out at me. I want to have unfailing trust in God. I want to have trust like David when everyone was against him, but still had trust in God in Psalms 31:13-15, ‘ For I hear the slander of many; there is terror on every side; they conspire against me and plot to take my life. But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me.’ David was beat, he was surrounded and there was no logical way out, but he still trusted in God, and was for the better because of it. I want to have trust in God like Daniel in the lion’s den in Daniel 6:23, ‘The king was overjoyed and gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den. And when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found on him, because he had trusted in his God.’ I want to have trust without borders.

Trust with no limitations on what I believe God can do. I don’t want to put God in a box and say that ‘I’ll trust in you for this or that, but I’ll take control of this.’ Trust without borders.


The Ugly Duckling

DaveCrosby / Foter / CC BY-SA

DaveCrosby / Foter / CC BY-SA

In the story of the Ugly Duckling, the main character is a bird that is born into a family of ducks of which he does not look like them. His siblings alienate him and called him names, and his mother does not take care of him. The Ugly Duckling feels alone and abandoned. He is not of that family, but he is in the family.

This situation is not unlike how Christians are today. We make our choice to follow Christ and that sets us apart. Though we may look no different, our actions set us apart. We are ‘born’ different into the world again after we accept Christ into our hearts. We look at things differently and see something beyond this world. And because of this, the world – or the family of ducks – mocks and jokes at us. We can feel beat down and hopeless because we are trying to help and non believers are doing everything they can to push us away.

But John 15:18-19 says: ‘If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.’

These verses should give us comfort that Christ went though the same hate and hardship and now He is helping us through them.

 Foter / CC BY

Foter / CC BY

The story of the Ugly Duckling goes on where he matures and is not a duck at all. In fact, he is a swan, the most beautiful bird in the pond. The so called ‘Ugly Duckling’ went through the mockery to achieve being the most beautiful bird.

We as Christians must stand the test of persecution to have the glory in heaven. 2 Corinthians 4:17 says ‘For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.’ Our heaven is ‘reward’ the Ugly Duckling received by becoming a swan.  Remember life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger, and so does your relationship with God.

By choosing God, Christ, love, hope, life; we become God’s chosen people as 1 Peter 2:9 says:  “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

By becoming His chosen people, we become a Citizen of Heaven.

Life as a Christian may in some respects be giving up the ‘fun and crazy life’ and instead being mocked, but as Romans 8:18 says, “I consider our present sufferings not even worth comparing to the future glory that will be revealed in us.”  Yes, because of Christ we can’t ‘fit in’, but in a world with so much diversity why would you want to fit in when you were made to stand out? When the tribulations of being a Christian comes your way, don’t be discouraged because having troubles means that you are on the right path of following Jesus. Jesus said we would have troubles, but He would be with us. I would do anything to have Jesus be closer to me, so I say, “Bring on the troubles”. I have found when I go through problems, I get stronger – and even though troubles are bad when they are happening – I would double my sufferings if that meant my faith would also.

To choose Jesus is to choose suffering. To choose suffering is to choose strength. To choose strength is to choose faith. To choose faith is to choose life. To choose life is to choose Jesus.

I choose Jesus.


Moving Forward

“If you can’t fly, then run. If you can’t run, then walk. If you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”  ~ Martian Luther King Jr.

Perseverance. Pushing through the trials of life, and using those to move forward; is my personal definition.

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.”                                         says Isaiah 43:18-19.

Let’s take these verses line by line. When it says ‘forget the former things,’ it does not mean to forget the lessons you learned and things accomplished. It means to let go the fights and rough relationships that are holding you back from moving forward. The next phrase clears it up a little bit by saying ‘Do not dwell on the past.’ This line is saying that it’s good to reflect on the past, but do not dwell there.

The past, I have found, can be like gasoline. You can dwell in it and have it cover you – and burn. Burn with regret, hatred, un-forgiveness. Gasoline of the past can also fuel you to go further. You can use your past to push you to do better, to be better. The past will always be with you (you can’t run away from your own memory, as much as we’d sometimes want to), but it is your choice to let the past burn you or to let the past be your fuel to go forward.

mathias-erhart / Foter / CC BY-SA

mathias-erhart / Foter / CC BY-SA

The passage then changes and asks for our attention to something new and different God has created. The next line is very potent to the passage, ‘Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ Something new and remarkable is created but sometimes we don’t see what God is doing. We’re too busy dwelling on the past to see what God is doing for us right now. We are too consumed with angry or guilt or shame to realize the stream the desert. We may be looking for this stream, but we are looking in the wrong place for it – every way but forward. We may think that if we look and move forward then our tribulations and hurts, the crimes of other are forgotten. They are not, they are lessons. When we do not move forward, then then the lessons are not used and they are useless; however profound they may be, they may as well be forgotten. Lessons need to be put into practice and the only way to do to that is to move forward, not to dwell in the past. God has created something new in us by persevering through our troubles, but we must move forward to use it.

By moving forward you are honoring your pain in saying that it had a greater purpose. Romans 8: 28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” It does not say ‘for the happiness’ or ‘for the easiness’, but the good. Sometimes going through tragedy is for the best for as Romans 5: 3-4 states, “we know that suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope.” By persevering through troubles we come out the other side better, it strengthens our character. In perseverance we become more Christ-like and can be a better witness to His glory. More can be brought to Christ in looking forward than looking backward. By persevering, God has created something new in us – character – and what is this betterment of character? Becoming more Christ-like.

 inkknife_2000 (4 million views) / Foter / CC BY-SA

inkknife_2000 (4 million views) / Foter / CC BY-SA

‘I am making a way in the wilderness, and streams in the wasteland.’ God has made a path to follow and a stream to take nourishment from when we are in the wasteland. The path to follow is Jesus and the stream is the Bible and other Christians around us. We must use these resources to lean on to persevere.  2 Thessalonians 3:5 states ‘May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.’ Our hearts on to the path that is God’s will for ourselves – to love your neighbor as yourself – and to have Jesus’ perseverance to stay on the path and not wander. We have become more Christ-like in perseverance-produced character and we are following in His footsteps in the stream in the wasteland. We persevere to become more Christ-like and to follow Christ’s way.

God knew that in this world we would have trouble, that is one reason why He sent His son, to show us a way in the wilderness and to nourish us in the desert. Have you ever seen a stream that flows both forward and backward? Probably not. Streams only flow one way – forward – and we should too. You may have or are persevering through a major tragedy but don’t dwell on it, move forward and on to the path Christ has set for your life. Love.

To hear more about moving forward and about forgiving the people of your past, come hear my pastor’s sermon tomorrow on forgiveness. We are having a Community Day with a picnic and a bounce house. Church starts at ten. For more information here is my church’s website.


When God Walks into a Room

Whenever my dog walks into the room or I walk past him, I always shriek in delight and coo of one of his many nicknames like a child. Sometimes I go over to him and pet him or give him a good scratch and say I love you.

What about when God walks into the room? How do we greet God?

Do we greet him like David did in Psalm 95:1-5,

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord;
let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!
 Let us come into His presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to Him with songs of praise!
For the Lord is a great God,
and a great King above all gods.

 In His hand are the depths of the earth;
the heights of the mountains are His also.
 The sea is His, for He made it,
and His hands formed the dry land.

With the hecticness of today’s world, we probably don’t come before God this way.

When I come up to my dog, I hug him and tell him how beautiful he is (over and over) and just sit and enjoy the moment.

That’s how it should be with God. When we come into His presence, we should take a breath and fully realize how awesome He is. Then take another breath and thank Him.

That may be how we greet God when we walk into His room, but how do we greet God when He walks into our room?

Think about this not how you would like to act, but in reality of how you do act. I know I’ve how fallen short too many times.

How we greet God could be how we greet another person. God could walk into a room when one of His children does.

Jamie Grace sings about how a person shines God in her song ‘Show Jesus’:

‘Your smile’s always shinning out
And they know what it’s all about
It’s not hard for them to figure out
The way you show Jesus
You know love is what they heard
And you didn’t even say a word
Ain’t it funny that’s the way it works
When you know Jesus

Oh it’s like flipping on a light switch when you’re walking into this room
It’s so undeniable’

Just like Hebrews 13:2 says about entertaining angles, when you speak with a fellow Christian, they have a small shard of God in them.

Teri Lynne Underwood / Foter / CC BY

Teri Lynne Underwood / Foter / CC BY

When you pray before dinner, God walks into the room. Listening to Christian music, God is there. Reading this post, God is here.

God is everywhere, or ubiquitous, but I’m talking about acknowledging God’s presence.

When you bow your head before eating, what is your mind and heart set on? Ritual, blessing the food, thinking of all the things you have to do? You can go before God in your dining room, restaurant, or break room; however, in ancient times only the high priest could have the privilege to enter God’s presence.

Only the high priests in Israel could come before God in a certain place on a certain day, until Jesus came. Got states: 

“The most important duty of the high priest was to conduct the service on the Day of Atonement, the tenth day of the seventh month of every year. Only he was allowed to enter the Most Holy Place behind the veil to stand before God. Having made a sacrifice for himself and for the people, he then brought the blood into the Holy of Holies and sprinkled it on the mercy seat, God’s “throne” (Leviticus 16:14-15). He did this to make atonement for himself and the people for all their sins committed during the year just ended (Exodus 30:10). It is this particular service that is compared to the ministry of Jesus as our High Priest (Hebrews 9:1-28).

In understanding the role of the high priest, we can better comprehend the significance of Christ offering Himself for our sins once for all (Hebrews 9:26;10:10,12). Through Christ’s sacrifice for us, we are sanctified and set apart for Him. By entering God’s presence on our behalf, Christ has secured for us an “eternal redemption” (Hebrews 9:12). As Paul has written, “For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).”

 TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ / Foter / CC BY-SA

TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ / Foter / CC BY-SA

We are able to pray to God. We don’t need a High Priest or go to a special place or say a fancy prayer. God wants us to humble ourselves and just speak. (See more on this subject in Matthew 6: 5-13) We are able to pray to God who created everything; we can ask for His healing for the family member with cancer and even ask him to have an open parking space near the front of a store.

Let me give you a better explain going before God and God entering us. Just like my dog and I have free range of my house, God has free range to work within our lives. Whether we’re in work or family life, God is always with us, but I’m focusing more on acknowledging God. When we walk into a room called church or prayer time or devotional reading time at breakfast, then we come before the presence of God; when I go to my dog. But when we are busy with our jobs or family and not setting aside time to be with God, and God walks in the room. What then?

He may go unnoticed . . . The Creator of the Universe may go unnoticed?!

We should not – cannot – allow our earthly occupations to overshadow our eternity. In Romans 8: 19 Paul says, “ I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” Our business is not worth dishonoring God by not even noticing Him.

I don’t mean to say that we should forgo all things on earth to just be in God’s presence, but that moderation is a virtue. Taking time to see the beauty in something so simple and ordinary is taking time to stand in awe of God’s creation. Everything is God’s creation and He let us have free range of it by having free will. We have a choice of whether or not to accept Him; make the choice to let Him reveal Himself in you by acknowledging His presence. God will shine through you when you focus on Him in and during all you do.

God is always with us. We acknowledge His presence by focusing on Him through out our day and life. We can dive deeper into His presence through prayer.

When my dog walks into a room I say, “Hi buddy! I love you so much! Are you a happy puppy? Do you want a toy?”

When God walks into a room I want to say, “Hi Lord! I love you so much! Are you a happy Father? What can I do for you today?”


Ever Onward is God’s Love

Beautiful use of words to show God’s love!

Receive Grace 2 Show Grace

Ever onward is God’s love

From the apple temptation

To the end of revelation

Ever onward is God’s love

Noah’s dove found the ground

Of which they were bound

Ever onward is God’s love

From the rainbow color

to the coat of many colors

Ever onward is God’s love

From Noah’s ark

To Pharaoh kingdom cast into dark

Ever onward is God’s love

God harden Pharaoh’s heart

Which led to the red sea to part

Ever onward is God’s love

Jericho’s walls falls

Because of the Israelite’s calls

Ever onward is God’s love

Samson and Delilah, for she dared

to cut his hair

Ever onward is God’s love

Goliath was a giant

But David was defiant

Ever onward is God’s love

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were not burned

The Israelites return

Ever onward is God’s love

God was to defend

Daniel in the lions den

Ever onward is God’s love

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